Monday, August 2, 2010

Gay Pride Parade - Vancouver 2010

Vancouver has a large gay population which boasts numerous venues and yearly events. Visitors from all over the world attend two annual parties, The Gay Pride Parade Day and Whistler's Gay & Lesbian ski week.

Pride day this year was Sunday August 1, 2010. The parade had an audience of over 700,000 and was lined up in colorful fashion throughout the 20 block progression ending at the "Sunset Beach Festival Site" for a continued celebration. The entertainment was non-stop and talented people wanting to participate next year can contact

The Gay nightlife in Vancouver is very exciting. Davie Street has the most popular establishments in the city. Celebrities and Numbers nightclubs have been around for years and are seldom without a line up in the late evening. Pumpjack pub caters to men in leather who like sports on the big screen. Score on Davie is also a sports bar featuring all the pay per view hockey games, half price burgers on Wednesdays and an outdoor patio. The Fountainhead pub has a large covered deck which is great for checking out all the talent cruising up and down Davie Street on a warm summer or spring evening. (Other Venues on Davie Street are: Sugar Daddy's, 1181, & the Davie Village Cafe)

There are a few well known lesbian hangouts in Vancouver. Havana's, Stella's, Turks, JJ Bean Coffee House, The End Cafe are all located Commercial Drive on the east side which seems to attract much of the lesbian community. It is a warm and friendly section of town and simply called "the drive" by many of the regulars. There are numerous bars & restaurants with Italian & Spanish cuisine being the most common theme among them. There are antique shops, vintage stores and even a sex shop. Womyns'Ware is a well known store that caters to the sexual needs of women, and well worth a visit whether you are straight or gay.

Vancouver is a festive city all year long in the gay community. Making friends and "feeling a part of it," just means taking a stroll down Davie Street, Denman or Commercial at anytime during the day or evening. People in Vancouver are proud of their city and love showing off the beauty and excitement that it offers. I am a straight woman who loves the zest for life attitude, in Vancouver’s Gay environment. The straight community could learn a few things from this amazing group of people!
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