Sunday, March 26, 2017

I Married a Mountain Man but I am a City Girl!

Dear Sybersue does something a little out of the box today and talks about her own relationship.

How do you make a partnership work when you both enjoy different activities? Opposites attract but seldom stay together. So can you compromise and make it work as a couple?

Embrace the differences that you both bring to the relationship! Who knows you may try something new and enjoy it!

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

How Do I Avoid Running into Ex Boyfriend?

Dear Sybersue answers a viewers question about how to avoid running into her Ex on a regular basis! She is really trying to move on from him but seeing her ex so often makes it very difficult.

It keeps playing with her emotions and brings up unanswered questions that she thought she was getting past. It is like stripping off the band-aid too soon and re-opening the scar! Even at times when she thinks she is really over him and is feeling good about things, seeing him breaks her heart all over again.

What should she do? Has this happened to you?

Please leave your comments to help others get through a difficult break up.

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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Vancouver Meetup Suppot Group For Women Dealing With a Divorce or Breakup

Ladies I started a Meetup Group about 9 months ago in Vancouver which you may be interested in if you are single and trying to get over a past relationship. It is open to women of all ages!

WOMEN -Vancouver (Support Group for Singles/Divorced/Ge­tting over a Breakup)

The Second Tuesday of Every Month 2017 (With the exception of September where it will be one week earlier on Sept 5th)

6:30 PM
Bar One
1759 West Broadway (Burrard), Kitsilano Vancouver, BC

Ladies are you going through a separation, bad breakup or a divorce? Are you having a hard time getting over your previous relationship? Are you stuck in a pattern that isn't working?

Regardless of which scenario you are dealing with, this is one of the most difficult times that you will live in your life. Heartbreak is painful and the grieving period can last a long while without any support to help you through it.

There are so many emotions that take over and impede us from moving on; plus we tend to stop ourselves from sharing how we really feel with others, which keeps us in our head blaming ourselves.

This women's meetup group is set up to create a safe, nonjudgmental space to share with each other and offers an opportunity to speak to a professional who works in solving these types of issues every day.

At every event, we’ll hold an informal & fun get-together where we’ll share our top tips to release your emotions, as well as ways to deal with the initial wave of loneliness. It is an important part of healing to feel safe, validated and have the freedom to discuss your personal thoughts.

This is a place for you to safely interact among others who understand what you are going through because they may be dealing with the same experience. You are not alone.

Who is the Group Organizer:

Susan McCord (Known to many as Dear Sybersue) who has over 19,000 followers on her blog, 13,800 Facebook followers and over 1.6 million views on her YouTube Talk Show has devoted her career to helping others find happiness. Everyone deserves love in their life! Over the past decade she has established a stellar reputation as a sought-after relationship expert, advice columnist, published author, blogger & life coach.

Susan has been there done that and has so many t-shirts she could open a store! She is here to share her story and life's trials and tribulations with anyone who needs her wisdom. She makes you think! You can learn more about her at and

We invite you to bring your questions so that we’re able to answer anything you want to talk about during the meetup.

Please RSVP within the group here on the Meetup site so we know how many women will be joining us and out of respect for my time and our chosen venue so they have the correct reservation numbers.

***When you RSVP, PLEASE show up and don't bail at the last minute as we do have a numbers limit at these meetups. Please order something at the restaurant even if it is just a drink as they are giving us their time & space for those two hours.***

Please click on this link to go directly to the Meetup Group to join and RSVP!

Thank you very much and I look forward to meeting you!

Susan :)

How do I find A Boyfriend in Vancouver? Original question on Quora

This is the big question in Vancouver! Brad is so right that you have to be friendly and talk to people all the time, and not just guys you might be interested in dating. The happier you appear and the more receptive you are to meeting new people, the more you will be noticed.

Vancouver is a transient place and can feel very isolating at times, but you can break through with a little effort. I agree with John that meetup groups in Vancouver are a great place to socialize. I belong to a few myself and also run my own group as well.

The big trick is not to fall into the trap that many men & women do in this city by complaining how hard it is to meet someone here. If everyone changed up their attitude and said hi to one another, things would turn around in the dating scene. Keep smiling and don’t get frustrated. Believe in love and you will find it. <3 Susan McCord The Dear Sybersue Talk Show