Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dating Advice For Women: Be real sexually!

Mick Lolekonda is a successful “dating coach” who offers a six week service to both men women in Vancouver, BC. His non- intimidating and friendly personality helps his clients to relax and remove anxiety. Mick’s genuine sincerity and extensive education helps teach people how to remove old patterns and become their “own” matchmaker. He’s convinced that women, as independent as they are today, long for genuine romance, seduction and a dignified sense of direction from their men. And yes, a woman may help the man out through the process, but ultimately still wants him to figure it out on his own.”

Mick recently Co-hosted a successful event with Wear Else, a women’s upscale clothing shop in kitsilano. (Wear Else is the winner for “best women’s apparel of 2010” by The Westender.) The audience geared towards women for this particular event with fashion assistance offered by the friendly Wear Else staff. Flutes of champagne & strawberry treats made the atmosphere relaxed and opened the floor to guest’s participation!

Conversation included:

· Why men don't call you back when you thought there was chemistry and what to do remedy this occurrence?

· How to attract the right men and where to find them?

· Why does it take men 3 days or longer to call after a date?

· Let the man take some initiative, do not chase him aggressively.

Mick’s evening program answered questions that women of all cultures were curious about. His male perspective was refreshing and educating for the female audience. The testimonials afterward, testify this to be true. Mick “practises what he preaches,” and is a well dressed and classy man right down to his trendy shoes. Mick is masculine yet gentle, which earns an immediate trust from his clients and anyone who initially meets him. Men do not feel judged or threatened by him which allows them to let their guard down with a unique comfort level.

Improving men & women’s dating experiences in Vancouver or any other city is an ongoing learning experience that everyone can excel from. Refresher courses and new concepts will keep even the biggest dating sceptics feeling like taking a chance on love. Everyone deserves to be loved and experience a fulfilling partnership...Sometimes we just need a little help to get us on the right path.

Susan McCord

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