Thursday, May 23, 2019

Today’s Topic Is: Stop Dating Bad Boys – Nice Guys Rock!

Are you continually attracted only to men that are hot and unavailable? Has this become a dating pattern that is full of drama and making you feel sad, lonely and insecure?

Why take the hard road in any relationship? It is time to meet someone who has substance and puts you first. Vancouver's dating reputation is still a problem but it doesn't have to be! 
  • Wouldn’t it be great to meet a guy in this city who actually says what he means?
  • How awesome would it be to meet men who respect you and have no problem communicating how they feel towards you? 
  • How nice would it be to know where you stand with a man you are dating because there are no guessing games?
Of course, we need to have chemistry with our partner, but why are so many people in Vancouver attracted to someone who is "not really into them" long term? We KNOW when a relationship is on the right path but we let “sexual lust” put us in denial mode!

When you are with the right person things flow smoothly for the most part. There are very few games, not a lot of questions and no one is controlling the relationship. There is no push and pull because there is a mutual love and respect for each other.

There is no ego or power struggle. It’s a healthy scenario!

Don’t be mad at yourself if you occasionally get sucked into the bad boy arena, after all, they are so good at what they do!

They have had a lot of practice enticing the ladies with their sexual charm and it’s not always easy to resist. Once women stop falling for this forbidden fruit, their dating life will improve a lot!

This isn’t just a problem with women and there are plenty of men who have been lured into the web of high maintenance bad girls as well. 

The trick is to understand when someone is truly in your life because they really care about you. They are not there to use you as a trophy date, a booty call, or they are just interested in your wallet!

Love doesn’t have to be difficult when you have your self-worth in a respectful place. Nice guys and nice girls make the best life partners. ❤

Let me know what you think. Have you met a lot of bad boys? How did that work out for you? I will always take time to answer you back. Please watch the video above and leave your comments below!

Sybersue xo ❤

Are You on the Same Intimate Page in Your Relationship?

In today's video I go on a bit of a rant today discussing the topic: Are you on the same Intimate page in your relationship?

Do you and your partner have the same libido and do you both put effort into maintaining the intimate side of your relationship? If you don't want to become another number in the divorce statistics, it's time to prioritize the love and romance with your significant other!

It's so important to keep the fires burning at home! Do not ignore this because you're too busy! Make time to always nurture the romance as a couple. Never forget the special intimacy you shared when you first met.

I Love to hear what you have to say & will always take time to answer you back. Please leave your comments below!

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