Monday, August 2, 2010

Dating: Right Person-Wrong Time

This has probably happened to most people at one time in their lives. How many times do we hear of couples reuniting at a high school reunion 30 years later? That lost love that got away because the timing wasn’t right?

Is it really bad timing or is it really just the wrong person? When love is wonderful, it doesn’t have to be difficult. It just feels right and the adjustments are not obstacles but compromises

There are definitely obstacles in your younger years such as career focus or University. Meeting someone at that stage in your life is not meant to be forever. That time is for you to grow so that you do make wise choices for your future.

We all make choices for what we think the better path, but is it?
Are we just too immature to see what we have at the time? What happens if the love of your life appears when you are in your teens? This is not uncommon! Timing is everything and sometimes we don’t pay attention to what is obvious and right in front of us. How many people have let the right person get away due to other priorities?

Age can play an important factor in your choices. Especially if you are an older woman and your biological clock is ticking like a time bomb. Some women will forfeit love to get pregnant at that stage. Dating checklists can also be relationship killers due to the picky or shallow demands some people prioritize. Sometimes we do not know they are the right person until they are gone from our lives.

People talk about their soul mate all the time. Is there one such person for everyone? Maybe, but if we let them get away and they do not try to come back, they definitely were not your soul mate. Because a soul mate should be there for life if it is that good.

Many people who were picky until their late 30’s, eventually settle with a partner just so they were not alone as they get older. This is sad and maybe everyone needs to look in the mirror as a reminder that we all have good qualities and we all have flaws. No one is immune to this.

If you do feel like you are repeating a pattern of unreasonable checklists, it could be due commitment issues. Put yourself around friends that have a healthy relationship. Being in that environment could help alleviate the fear by seeing how wonderful a great relationship can be for the soul.

Have you spent years pining over someone whom you thought was that right person who got away, only to see them again and apart from a physical attraction, there really wasn’t much else? Ask yourself why you spent so much time over this fantasy. Knowing when it is purely a physical lust or true love is the answer to your happiness. I do believe that timing IS everything & when you are ready you will allow that “right” person in.”
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