Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Would you Date "You?" Do You Know How You Come Across to Others?

Dear Sybersue is an Informative and very REAL dating and relationship advice talk show for men & women of all Ages! In today's video she discusses your dating life and your attitude that goes along with it.

Are you happy with how you come across to others? Do you make a great first impression or are you too rigid or are you way too picky about who you will date?

It might be time to take a good hard look in the mirror if your dating life sucks. It's never too late to make changes to be a better person but first you have to understand what needs changing.

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

5 Attributes that Men Really Want in Their Partner

Canadian Talk Show Host Susan McCord (aka Dear Sybersue) gets many questions from her male viewers on her advice column and this topic "5 attributes that men want in their partner" is one of the biggest conversations of all.

Women think all men care about is sex but that isn't true for most guys. They want a loving relationship just like women do!

They are tired of being categorized and want women to know what is really important to them. Dear Sybersue promised to do this video on behalf of the numerous emails she received on the subject.

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