Saturday, June 25, 2016

Millennial Dating!

Vancouver Talk Show Host Dear Sybersue (Susan McCord) and Guest Co-host Andrea Wesley discuss how difficult dating is for Millennials these days! What's going on? Do people have too big a checklist and are too picky? Is online dating and social media the culprit?

What do you think the biggest problems are?

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Don't Fake who you are to be in a Relationship!

The girls talk about a subject (in the video above) that seems to affect so many people today.

Are you faking who you are just to be in a new relationship? Are you frustrated out there in the dating market and fed up with things not working?

Dating today is an annoying as Hell and some men and women have all but given up on the whole concept of finding a lasting partnership. The big problem with this is; people are not being authentic to who they truly are, because it doesn't seem to work!

Let the games begin!

Both sexes start acting the way they think someone would be attracted to them; therefore losing themselves in the process.

How long can you play the role of someone you're not?

Learn to stay true to yourself to attract someone else who is also true to them self. It can be a long road trying to meet that person you are genuinely attracted to, but in the end it is better to be in a REAL relationship than one that is made up of phoney pretense.

You are a great person just the way you are and don't change anything just to please someone else. Take your time and don't give up on love because it is there and available for you when you are ready to accept the true version of yourself.

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