Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Where Should I Be in My Relationship After 1 Year?

Today I talk about a very important topic that many couples are facing today. Where Should I Be in My Relationship After 1 Year?

So many men and women are afraid to ask the right questions for fear of scaring off their partners. You have the right to know where you stand after being in a committed partnership for this length of time. Don't be the last to know that they are not on the same page as you are! Questions for Sybersue? Download the free app and text dearsybersue to make a video call appointment within 24 hours Only $1.50 per min. Susan Mccord @ Dear Sybersue YouTube - Dear Sybersue Facebook - Dear Sybersue Instagram

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Dating Lessons Can Be a Good Thing!

Thank you for visiting me here! In today's video, I discuss: Dating Lessons Can Be a Good Thing!

Dating today can be very difficult but there are lessons to be learned with every encounter that we allow in our lives. Life is a stepping stone of sorts and we continue to grow and learn about ourselves every day that we are here on our path.

Understanding why we make certain choices will help with "shortening the learning curve" and bring a reciprocated love into our lives.

Pay attention to who you are attracting towards you. It is totally up to you who you let into your life. Is there a pattern? Red flags? Is there continual drama or heartache?

Be true to your self and always have respectful boundaries. This is the key to having a great dating life and meeting a potential partner to share your life with.
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