Friday, November 30, 2018

Are you With Your Partner For the Right Reasons?

Today’s weekly discussion: Are you With Your Partner For the Right Reasons?
Are you sacrificing who you are to be in your relationship?

Is your partner calling all the shots and controlling what goes on between you as a couple? Are you afraid to say anything in case it leads to the end of your partnership?

Never shortchange yourself in life.

If you find that you are continually compromising yourself in any relationship, which includes family and friends, you need to have a long hard talk with yourself. You shouldn’t be OK taking a “back seat” to anything in your life.

You are just as important as any one of those people you have allowed into your world.

Life is a long learning curve and it can take time to build your confidence levels. The trick is to learn how to have self-worth as early as possible by not allowing destructive relationships to continue.

It is not easy to change who you are but with each step you take to better yourself, the easier it is to see and reach “the path to least resistance.” Why take the difficult route when there are so many tools available to help you live your best life?

Relationships are not always easy but they shouldn’t be continually taking a toll on your heart and self-esteem.

When someone you love doesn’t make you a priority it is a big red flag that shouldn’t be ignored. You may be invested in the relationship but if your partner isn’t equally invested, there will always be signs. Sweeping them under the rug hoping things will eventually improve is actually more damaging than if you confronted them with your feelings.

If they were to walk away from you it is only because you weren’t meant to be with them. No one wants to be rejected but by staying in this type of scenario you are already being rejected anyway. Do you get what I am talking about? They are only giving you a piece of themselves and are not fully committed to you.

Something brought you here to read this post so it might be time to ask yourself why you are in a one-sided relationship situation? Are you with them for the right reasons?

What’s in it for you and what are you really getting out of this relationship?

  1. Are you hoping they will come to their senses and eventually feel the same way as you do?
  2. Has this been a pattern in many of your relationships?
  3. Do you honestly feel respected by your partner?
  4. Have you had to defend yourself to your loved ones about how your partner is treating you?
  5. Do you feel sad a lot of the time because you don’t always feel loved by them?
  6. Are you constantly burying your feelings so your partner doesn’t feel challenged all the time?
  7. Are you reading a lot of articles on this subject and trying to convince yourself you are with the right person?
I cannot stress it enough how important it is to be in a reciprocated love relationship. It is never OK to be #2 due to someone else’s needs. Watch the video above to hear more about this subject and what you can do about it.

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