Monday, November 18, 2013

Online Dating Advice for Men & Women ~ A Discussion on the Dating App "T...

Canadian talk show hosts discuss the Dating App "Tinder!" Is this new form of online dating a good idea and is there potential to meet that special someone on this App? Watch this video to hear what the girls have to say about it. Leave a comment below if you are using Tinder & let us know what you think about it. :)

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dating & Relationship Advice ~ How Do You Handle Disappointing Sex in a Relationship?

How do you handle disappointing sex with your partner? It's not easy to tell them your sex-life needs major work!

Many singles in Vancouver have a difficult time meeting someone to date, but what happens when you finally do meet that potential partner and there are a few obstacles to deal with? You seem to have a wonderful companionship and much in common but there is an ongoing problem in the bedroom between the sheets! You know there is potential because they have been romantic on earlier dates and do all the right things in the etiquette world of dating. So what’s missing & is it possible to spice up this vanilla sex to a hot fudge sundae?

Many of the problems that couples have with regards to enjoying a compatible sex-life are due to lack of confidence & sexual experience. There may also be some fear that their partner might be opposed to trying certain things less conservative. It certainly doesn’t help with pressures put on both sexes due to new & improved expectations today. With books like “50 Shades of Grey,” men think that many women want this form of dominant sex play all the time! It is confusing as to what anyone really wants anymore and many people are just trying to fit into this complex ever changing world of sexual assumptions & uncertainties.

What Should You Do to Handle Disappointment in the Bedroom?

• Learn how to be verbally open with them. Do not criticize your partner’s technique, but you can “gently guide them” to show them what you do like.
• “The Happy Ending” should make both of you happy & not just one.
• Lying there like a “starfish” is not exciting to your partner. Be a part of the experience by initiating some of your own uniqueness. If you have to ingest a shot of tequila to give you courage, so be it!
• Change up the routine and never become complacent ~ you can be replaced! (Yes, even by a vibrator.)
• Sex should last for more than 5 minutes unless you are in an elevator.
• Go visit your local Love Shop for new ideas or Victoria Secret for lingerie enticement. (Men are very visual ladies & love a woman who takes time to be sexy!)
• If you are too shy to talk in the bedroom, tell your partner what excites you sexually over a glass of wine or in a text during the day.
• Continually saying “NO” because you’re too tired, will eventually lead them to being “tired of you!”

Sex & Money are huge deal breakers in a relationship and need to be paid attention to constantly. How often have you heard the stories of people being blindsided in their relationship by a sudden breakup? In most cases it’s not without validity as many red flags are often ignored. Pretending these problems will go away is a very naive and dangerous way to live within your partnership. Listen to what they say, as it is a much scarier place when they stop talking to you.

If you want to talk to someone outside your relationship for help with improving your sex life, chose someone you trust or a neutral person such as a professional sex therapist. Asking for guidance is never a bad thing & will only bring you knowledge you may not have thought about, that can help you & your relationship to blossom. No one is beneath needing a little help once in awhile and it is better to choose this route than ignore it until it becomes the demise of your beautiful connection.

Sex makes the world go around and is the one thing we all do & have in common, regardless of where we live on the planet. It is the most natural act especially in the animal kingdom. Thank God we have a little more courtship & romance in the human species though! (Although it might be kind of interesting if all we had to do was sniff each other out...)

With all of that said, we all want to be loved and have someone to love in our lives. Keeping those fires burning are such a big part of longevity in a partnership. In your “heart of hearts” you know if things need to step up a notch in the bedroom. There is enough information online to help guide you to a better sex-life at home. Don’t ever take it for granted that your other half is content because they are not saying anything to oppose this. Watch their body language during sex and how they are after you make love. Are you closer as a couple or do you go about your day 2 minutes later like nothing ever happened in the bedroom? Paying close attention to your relationship is a full time job and worth every minute spent on improving the foundation of it.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dating Advice for Men & Women ~ Keeping Someone on Hold!

Dating Advice ~ You have dated someone 2 or 3 times and all went great...all of a sudden they are less enthusiastic & resort to text messages about how busy they are but want to see you soon! You are put on hold while your new date is out playing the field at the same time.

How should you handle this? Has this happened to you, we want to hear from you!

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dating and Relationship Advice ~ Dating in Vancouver Needs...

Canadian talk show host Susan McCord & Co-host Andrea Wesley discuss what many singles in Vancouver talk about: The terrible dating scenario! Why is it so bad & how do we change this reputation? Why do the men condemn the women & the women condemn the men in Vancouver with so much negativity?

It seems to me that if everyone looked at the glass as half full rather than half empty then maybe the dating situation would change. Whether you believe in the "Law of Attraction" or not, wouldn't singles be better off trying to change their pessimistic thinking? It is not uncommon to hear men & women constantly complaining that they never meet anyone in Vancouver, only to complain when they finally do get a date. It's almost like everyone has taken on " I can do much better" approach and no one is good enough for anyone ~ making the atmosphere "out on the town" in Vancouver quite snobby!

The expectations have changed drastically & both men & women have their unrealistic checklists that potential dates need to live up to. There are many wonderful people living in this amazing city and I don't believe for a moment there isn't hope to improve this reputation Vancouver has acquired. We not only have to draw attention to it, we need to "own" that there is an obvious problem in this town. Does it have to take an Olympic Event to get people talking to each other? What a happy & proud place Vancouver was in the 2010 Winter Olympics!

We need to not only start singing "Oh Canada" at Canuck games & other events, we need to be proud of where we live & who lives amongst us. It's not all about dating, it is about connecting in general! If everyone said hello to 5 different people everyday, I can pretty well guarantee a change in attitude would occur in Vancouver. Who cares what car you drive, how much money you have or don't have, how young or old you are. Talk to people you come in contact with during your day~whether you have met them once or not!

The next time you go out with friends for the evening try not to judge anyone around you. You would be surprised how much of the discussion is about other people in the room. (What they are wearing, how much cosmetic surgery they have had, who slept with who, & other general gossip.) Make your own judgment after you talk with someone & don't let others encourage your thinking. Everyone has wonderful traits & something to offer, you don't have to be a perfect 10 to meet someone amazing. Vancouver is a beautiful city that needs to be more open to conversation & saying hello. It's never too late to change, let's make it happen!

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Friday, May 17, 2013

How to Appreciate the Differences Men & Women Bring to the Relationship

How to Appreciate the Differences Men & Women Bring to the Relationship

If you want to date more, appreciate the differences men & women bring to the relationship! What is the first thing that attracts you to someone you don’t know? Regardless of whether you are “Gay or Straight,” it is a physical & chemical appeal that gets your attention. Pheromones play an important role in stirring someone’s interest which is somewhat comparable to dogs sniffing each other in the park. (Don’t we wish it were that easy?)

Why are humans so bashful in connecting with others that they are attracted to ~ especially in Vancouver? Is the fear of rejection so powerful that it erases all confidence? People use liquid courage in the bars or at events to finally interact with this magnetic power that has captivated their concentration. “Alcohol is just a layer of backbone that dares us to have faith in oneself.” Men & women are so quick to judge others & themselves that dating has become less frequent due to unreasonable assumptions about each other.

People need to appreciate each gender for what they bring into the relationship & need a reminder of that.

What Women Appreciate in a Man:

The biological differences! (Physically and sexually speaking.)
Confident strength!
Women appreciate men who take care of themselves and their bodies. A naturally muscular athletic guy will make even the most prudish women take notice.
Many women today still love a gentleman despite Women’s lib & equality. (Unfortunately this has confused many men with their role today.)
When a man honors & respects their opinion.
His masculinity & protective qualities ~ makes her feel safe.
His friendship loyalty with his mates.
His ability to accept his flaws with peacock authority.

What Men Appreciate in a Woman:

Sexual & personal confidence.
She takes pride in her appearance. (Without taking 3 hours to get there.)
Self sufficient but not head strong independent.
Enjoys feeling wanted with his masculine abilities.
A woman who loves & initiates sex.
Her natural scent.
A woman’s maternal & nurturing instincts.
Her curves & femininity.
A woman who has a great body image ~ regardless of size or shape.

Tips for the Ladies to Show Men You Appreciate Them:

1) Women should appreciate their partner’s sexual appetite because they wouldn’t feel very sexy if their man did not have a yearning for them! Taking the time to enjoy and appreciate this in their man will keep the relationship healthy and alive. Ignoring them sexually is not a good idea if you want to keep them close. (Careers & kids can take a second seat once in awhile!)

2)Men are visual creatures so make them “see” how much of an effort you make for them. Don’t become the Walmart housewife dressed in sweat pants & oversized T-shirts. Show your feminine side ladies or you will be complaining that he’s glancing at other women all the time. It’s not difficult to take 10 minutes out of your day to remind him why he is attracted to you.

3)Take time to do something with him that really makes him happy even if it is not your favorite thing to do. Believe it or not guys do like to do some things with their wives! Attend the annual boat show, trek up a mountain trail or at the very least go to a “dick flick” with him. Do anything that makes him feel you are making an effort to do something he enjoys doing. (Especially, if you expect him to accompany you to The Nutcracker Ballet every year.)

4)Ambitious men are an aphrodisiac to most women. That said, try not to nag at him continually when he has to do the odd work assignment over the weekend or asks you to attend a business dinner with him. There is a small price to pay for his success & the luxuries in your home.

Tips for the Men to Show Women You Appreciate Them:

1)Many women in Vancouver today are also busy with careers and other passions and appreciate it when their guy is proud of her accomplishments without judgment or jealousies. Both sexes are much more independent than ever before which is great for conversation and teaching each other current & up to date scenarios in an ever changing world. Attaining new achievements keeps the mind youthful & alert which spills over into keeping the relationship fresh!

2)Women also appreciate that men don’t always have to be “the man.” Women like to be needed as well. They like to feel important and that once in awhile they can save the day too. Men don’t have to fix everything, but wearing a tool belt and cut-offs will probably get him in the bedroom more often! Whether women admit it or not, they have always found construction workers very sexy! There is something to say for a man flexing his muscles using a power drill!

3)Ladies also like it when men trust their judgment and give them credit once in awhile.

4)Women also appreciate when a man stands up for them when someone berates or ridicules them. For the most part women appreciate men's direct “shoot from the hip” answers as long as diplomacy is implemented.

At the end of the day men are pretty simple creatures and women can be the more complex sex due to their emotions being the ruler in many cases. Appreciating both sexes for what they bring to each others life will be the key to happiness so many people feel is lacking today. Things have changed every Century & recently every decade between men & women, so when are we going to honor these transitions and stop fighting them?

Why do people want to change each other to be like them? Isn’t life more interesting when there are differences to embrace & learn from? Trying to understand each other is not the answer ~ accepting each other is!

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