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Dating Advice: Why do guys always seem to go for the bad girls or "bitch...

Why do some men like dating high maintenance women? is it all about the chase? Wanting a challenge? Do nice guys & nice girls still finish last? Bitchy girls always seem to get the hot guy! What is wrong with this picture?

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How to shave your balls - making your lady happy

This is so funny & well done! Enjoy this video from one of my subscribers!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dating Advice: What is the best way to get noticed on an internet datin...

Two women want to know the best way to get noticed online. Do not BS in your Bio or Profile, be honest about everything if you are serious about meeting a potential partner.

While the preferred method of meeting a potential partner is at a function or event, many people today are looking for a date through online resources. This is mainly due to time, busy careers, age & even laziness. You don’t even have to dress or do your hair while talking with them online unless you are chatting through a web cam. It can be very exciting for some men & women who have had minimal dating experiences. All of a sudden they are connecting with new prospects on a daily basis!

Once you have decided to go online & choose your preferred dating site, your profile & photo are the most important tasks to pay specific attention to. Look around at other people’s profiles and make note of the ones that catch your eye. Review both men & women in your age category. When writing your Bio, try to keep it limited to 2-3 short paragraphs. Write out a rough draft of all your strong qualities, your preferences, boundaries (age, smoker, drinker, fitness level etc.) Ask a friend to describe you if you have trouble writing about yourself or have someone assist you that already have an online dating profile.

Photos should be attractive & classy. Showing too much cleavage, abdominals or biceps is making a sexual statement. (Of course if that is what you are looking for, then by all means post your best assets for all to see!) If you are serious about finding a life partner, then it is important to put “out” what you want to receive.

Be aware of your surroundings in the photo. If housekeeping is not your strong point, don’t take the photo next to a cluttered room. One of the biggest turn offs for others viewing your profile, is posting a picture of yourself with an old flame. It does not make you look important it makes you look vain and insecure. Air brushing your imperfections is not a good idea either because you will meet them one day. Remember that everyone has flaws no one is immune to that.

Humor is a wonderful quality and showing that in your written profile will give you a huge advantage when people read it. Being too serious or clinical is not attractive. By being specific with what you are looking for, you may have fewer suitors contacting you, but you will quickly weed out the ones that are not your type. Quality is what you are looking for in the long run. This way you will not waste time with the wrong ones and can concentrate on dating people you have lots in common with.

One thing to keep in mind, some people are content to just chat online without ever meeting anyone. They could just be fulfilling an ego need & that is all they want, or they may be married or in a relationship. This should be viewed as a red flag and seen early on. By deleting these types right away, you will spend less time waiting for them to make a date in person because you see them for what they are. You will become an expert over time & learn to spot these Internet dating leaches.

While venturing into this online journey it is important to have the same morals and values you have always had outside of Internet dating. Be careful not let too many things slide outside your boundaries or comfort zones, make excuses for the wrong ones or overlook things because you may be lonely. Be clear about what you want on your dating profile and in your life. When someone is right for you it does tend to happen naturally. It progresses without all the questions. “When will I see them again? “Are they going to call me again?” “Are they interested in me?” Think back to some of the tiresome relationships that were in your life, if it seems like too much work, it probably is. When a relationship is on the right track the feelings are reciprocated and if not, as Greg Behrendt would say, “Maybe they’re just not into you”.


• Honesty – Only write the truth about who you are
• Make it short & to the point – If it is too lengthy, people with get bored & move on.
• Conservative photos – Save your “sexy qualities” until after they have earned your respect
• Only write about what you like, not what you don’t like.
• Disclose all children & pets living with you (Could you give Octomom a run for her money?)
• Your interests/activities should only include what you actually enjoy doing (if you have a fear of water do not say that white water rafting is your number one adventure sport)
• Be Specific as to what you are looking for – (no long distance, age restrictions, race)
• Do not ever put your phone number or email contact numbers on your profile

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sexual chemistry

One of the big questions for new singles in Vancouver is: How do you know when someone is interested?

Reciprocated chemistry is the answer. This is what you feel when you are sitting beside them or even just gazing at them across the room. Sometime the pheromones are so powerful that it actually pulls you towards them like a magnetic force. There is a magic in the air and it is an unmistakable euphoric feeling. How often does it happen? Not as often as one would think.

What are the signs?

• There is an overwhelming urge to be close and touch them. It is like an electric current that is pulling you into them. It is not always at the right moment, it can be with someone who is out of bounds, but it is an undeniable & feeling hard to ignore!
• Nervousness that you are not used to feeling
• An arousal in the loin area & their touch is electric
• An amazing urge to kiss them right there on the spot
• you are willing to sleep with them as quickly as possible despite your strong morals
• Their scent is overly alluring & draws you closer
• You are drawn into their eyes & have trouble focusing on what they are saying

If you are both single this is a gift from nature, but it can be the catalyst in many relationship problems! Due to the magnitude of the electrical current some people tend to step over their boundaries. Acting first & dealing with the repercussions later. There are different levels of chemistry. Sometimes it is slow and drawn out and becomes more powerful over time, but more often it is an instant feeling that blindsides your existence.

Chemistry is something that you feel uncontrollably but is more powerful than lust. When you can feel someone‘s energy matching yours & the sexual endorphins are released, nothing is as powerful! (Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt are probably a great example of this.)

Is chemistry doomed from the start? Will it fizzle and die just as fast as the flame that was lit? Some people can have a sexual relationship without the love & passion, a "friend’s with benefits" rapport. When you are lucky enough to meet someone who can even make you feel warm and sensual over the phone or without even speaking, that is rare & very hot.

Does age make a difference in how a person looks at chemistry? As a person matures, so does their awareness. They may become more selective or intuitive due to some of the mistakes they have made in the past. Now when they feel it, they know it.

In your younger years you are sexually peaking and everything is experimental and not so much about chemistry. Everyone looks good and feels good for a while until you start to differentiate with new emotions. In high school most crushes are experiments with an attraction. No one is thinking about a future yet.

How do you keep chemistry from fading like lust does? Ask your partner what the word means to them? Keep that alive and work with it continuously. Many couples let it fade by allowing other daily forces replace passion. Nurturing each other first should be a priority. Think back to when you first became a couple, everything else in your life took second place. Keeping the chemistry alive will keep your relationship alive!

Many parents today think it is selfish to get a babysitter and have a date night. Many older parents fall into this trap, they have waited so long to have a family & make it all about the children. This is a big mistake. Is it better for the kids to come from a divorced family because the couple who made the kids, forgot how to love each other?

The key to keeping the chemistry alive over the years is exactly that, “keeping it alive”:

• Put notes or something sexy in their briefcase or lunch bag
• Leave a sexy message on their hotel voice mail when they are traveling.
• Leave a note under their pillow or on the counter when you are not with each other.
• Give small gifts that remind you of them.
• Send a sexy E-mail or text to them even if you live together
• Say something sweet every day. It goes a long way
• Listen to what they would like to do and surprise them with making it happen.
• Compliment their achievements no matter how small.

"There are four types of chemistry: Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. How great would it be to have all four!"

Some situations have a few barriers and may need constant nurturing to be kept alive. If they live out of town you have to be creative on a daily basis to keep the chemistry alive. If they have children from another relationship, own their own business or have huge commitments within their career, this can play a part in destroying even the most overpowering chemistry. Feeling secure is very important & communication is the key to keeping the passion alive in any relationship.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dating Advice: My girlfriend Wants An Open Relationship With Another Woman

Dating Question From A Viewer:

Hi there. I am a male viewer & one of your biggest fans. I know you can help me with this as you are both honest & non judgmental with your advice. My girlfriend who I live with, wants to have an open relationship with another woman. She is also OK with me having another woman as well. Is this becoming the normal way for relationships?
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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dating Advice: My Boyfriend Might Be Addicted To Porn

A Viewer writes into the show about her boyfriend being addicted to pornography. She found out by snooping on his computer. Which is worse, him watching porn or her being invasive? Tune in with Susan McCord & Andrea Wesley "Two Women,Two Generations,Two Opinions -Real Advice!"

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Questions About Online Dating After 35

Are "The Rules" different for people over 35 when it comes to Internet Dating?
No I don’t think they are any different. I think we are less patient as we get older though. I don’t think many people would text each other 15 times before meeting in person like the younger group does. If they even know how to text LOL. It is all about respecting yourself first, at any age. That should be everyone's first rule.

What are the rules?

My rules were:

• “Don’t waste my time if you are not interested in meeting me”
• I’m not online to meet a buddy, I have enough male friends
• I wasn’t into chatting for a month before hooking up with them.
• If someone books a time to meet with you & cancels or stands you up, don’t contact them again. They are showing their true colors and not being respectful of your time. (Of course if they were in the hospital in a body cast that’s another story.)
• Be honest about your age & body type for both sexes. They are going to SEE you!
• Vices like smoking or alcoholism should not be hidden on your profile
• If you are not ready for a relationship STAY off the dating websites...see a counselor

What do you need to be aware of?

• Read between the lines or listen to what they say on the phone.
• If they say they don’t like kids & you are the Octomom, then find someone else.
• Look for signs that they may be in a relationship. Where are they calling you from? A closet or bathroom? Is it always somewhere outside their home? If you have had 5 dates already & have not seen their home, ask the question why?
• Watch how they treat others in your company. Are they rude, flirtatious, a show off, bossy?

How Do You Protect Yourself On An Internet Date & While Online?

• Have a friend close by for the first few dates
• Ask many questions about who they are online & in person
• Google them
• Let friends know where you will be meeting them & give them the phone number & email contact. Let your date know that some people know.
• Do not let them drive you anywhere until you know them better & always meet in a public place no matter how sincere they may sound in an email or phone call.
• Do not dress provocative , be selective in your dating attire. Dress your age too
• If they talk sex too early, stop it from continuing. Don’t lead them on before meeting them.

Is Internet Dating Safe?

Like many things today, safety has become compromised for many people in numerous situations. The key is to always be aware of your surroundings whether it is parking in an underground, putting your groceries in the car when late night shopping, or meeting a potential date.

Alcohol is the biggest problem for many women on a first date. They think it gives them liquid courage but truly it lets their intuitive guard down. This now makes her vulnerable to things she may have usually put a stop to. Her "spidey senses" are now muted & her safety is as well.

It is always best to meet during the day in a busy area for a coffee. You never want to be put in the position where you feel you owe them for something. Dinner & drinks can be a dangerous date!

What Are Your Reasons For Going Online & Does it Work For People Over 35?

I am a huge fan of online dating for the older crowd, especially in Vancouver. There are limited venues for 40 plus in this city, therefore less chance of meeting a potential partner. Single women who have very few friends to go out with, do not want to sit at a bar looking like a cougar or to appear desperate. It is very scary for many newly single women out of a divorce or long term partnership to get back out into the dating market as well.

The only big complaint that I have heard about online dating sites, is that the women say men in their 40’s or 50’s only want women 20 years younger. While that was true a few years ago, it now seems to be changing with the online dating crowd. There are so many more people to choose from than 10 years ago. People were more afraid of it & there were less dating sites to choose from. I love the fact that you can sit in your housecoat & flirt with guys!

The second complaint I hear is that many people say they are computer illiterate and wouldn’t know the first thing about how to set up a profile or how to use the website features. If I could teach a class on how to use a computer to change your life, I would teach it! Being left behind in the technology world will not improve your life with or without a partner. Why not learn everything you can & diversify your life? That’s what makes you attractive to a partner in the long run anyway. You may not need to resort to online dating as you will meet people along these new paths you take.
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