Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dating Talk: Simple Tips on "How to meet men"

Many women in Vancouver do not realize they are sabotaging meeting men, due to their own actions (or lack of actions.) Put yourself out there ladies, show men you are fun and willing to get out of your comfort zone occasionally. Body language can be your best friend when it comes to meeting men. Be aware of it!

One of the biggest questions I hear from women is where do you meet guys? Vancouver Dating Coach, Mick Lolekonda says this is one of the most popular discussions with his female clients.

Why is it so difficult for some women to meet a man? Is it because they do not get outside their home enough and make an effort? Maybe they don’t have enough interests that bring them into new circles. Being single means adding diversity to your life. Getting active and having a good "open attitude" is the best thing a women can do to get noticed.

• Go to a golf driving range and practice your swing, have a drink in the clubhouse after.
• Play tennis (play against the wall by yourself, this will bring partners to you even if you are not fantastic)
• Join a gym which is the best networking place anywhere (not a ladies only!)
• Local hiking and other adventures for singles (many cities have groups you can join for this activity)
• Take night courses at BCIT or Langara college
• Go to Lounges with live music

Lack of confidence is a date "killer", but the more a woman puts herself “out there” the more she will become comfortable in many different surroundings. Going to places that men frequent the most, sporting good stores, home depot, gyms and athletic events will improve a woman's chances of meeting a man in a sober environment. Attending the odd baseball or hockey game is also a good idea. (Women are still the minority at these venues, so they will stand out.) Women need to be themselves and leave the phony facade at home. Men like a woman who is down to earth and real. Having to peel off the onion layers will not keep a man interested.

Being adventurous and willing to try different things is all men really want to see, despite women thinking they have to be fantastic at everything they attempt. Going for a bike ride or taking in a football game, is simple and appreciated by most men in Vancouver. It’s not that difficult to stay active in the dating market, if little effort is made. You may actually get to have that second date and find someone compatible to be your partner down the road.
Susan McCord

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