Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How to have sexy shoulders (& look good in that little black dress)

Many people say how hard it is to compete with all the fit, good looking singles out there in Vancouver’s dating market, but how many of them really make the effort to get in shape? It is very easy to make excuses of being too busy to make it to the gym due to family or work related issues. Is it really just that people are too lazy to fit an exercise regimen in their lives because they would rather do anything but a workout? Who wants to date someone who doesn’t take pride in their health and fitness management?

Sun bathing or jogging at Vancouver’s beaches can be intimidating for individuals trying to get in shape. Hanging around Kitsilano or Yaletown is evidence at just how many hard bodies reside in this beautiful city. Coastal cities everywhere will have this same competition, because where there are beaches, there are bikini’s and speedos. It makes everyone more aware of their appearance and in many cases, insecure. Women check out other women more than men do. “What do men see in her?” “she has cellulite” “she looks good because she paid for it!” No woman wants to admit that they want to see a little flaw in even the most beautiful women. It is a sad, but comforting to many women who need the affirmation that they are not the only ones with imperfections.

Contrary to what most women think, men are not as critical about a woman carrying a few extra pounds. Men just want a woman to make an effort to keep fit, she doesn’t have to be running the Vancouver marathon or hiking up the grouse grind 4 times per week. They want a woman who takes care of herself but is not obsessed with her body and is spending 4 hours a day at Steve Nash/Fitness World. There has to be moderation and life has to have diversity. If you want a partner that looks good and takes care of them self, then it needs to be reciprocated. The person that is always making the effort, will ultimately lose interest in the partner who isn’t.

Walking an hour a day or joining a gym will not only help you meet new people and potential dates, but will lift your moods and self esteem. Getting started is difficult especially for those that are overweight. Start out at home with a beginner fitness DVD or invest in a treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical. Mark the calendar for exercise times like an appointment booking and follow through with it. Set the equipment next to the TV and do it during your favorite show or the CTV news hour after or before work. This way you can save a gym membership until you feel ready to be seen in public, and use that money to have a permanent piece of equipment at home. That way there is no excuse,& you have to walk by it every day as a reminder. If Vancouver condo living has space restrictions, there are machines that fold up under your bed when not in use. Everyone should be doing some form of cardiovascular workout and strength training. It is an investment in your health that should be a daily priority. Not caring about yourself is the sure way to put out to the universe that you won’t care about anyone else either.

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