Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My Boyfriend is Acting Different - Does He Still Love ♥ Me?

Dear Sybersue discusses one of the most popular questions she gets on her advice column from women. How do you know if your boyfriend is really in love with you? Are his feelings sincere? Have things changed in the last year between you but you have ignored the red flags?

It is very important not to let things become complacent or boring within your relationship! Don't be be the last to know your partner could be moving on.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Don't Give up on Love & Relationships

Dear Sybersue discusses how many men and women are sad, lonely or angry about the difficulties in finding a solid partnership today. Many people are giving up on ever having a loving relationship due to all the high maintenance attitudes and lengthy checklists they come across in the dating world of the Millennium. Why has this happened and how do we change things up so that we can have love in our lives? Please leave your comments below the video. What do you think is going on?

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Traveling With Your Partner Can Make or Break Your Relationship!

Dear Sybersue discusses traveling with your partner before you make any big relationship commitments!

It's a really big deal to compromise on any travel arrangements and have the talk before you pack those suitcases! What are your fears, boundaries or quirks that you need to discuss?

Please comment under this post to help others get through those tough first vacations together!

What tips do you have?

Susan McCord @ The Dear Sybersue Talk Show
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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Why Hasn't my Boyfriend said I Love You after 6 months?

Dear Sybersue answers another popular question on her advice column. Niki wants to know why her boyfriend of 6 months hasn't told her he loves her yet? They are together all the time and things seem to be going great but he hasn't said those magic words she wants to hear!

Why hasn't he? Is Niki being impatient?

What do you think?

Susan McCord @ The Dear Sybersue Talk Show
Dear Sybersue Blogs & Advice Column

Monday, April 10, 2017

Vancouver Women Discover Your Flawsome!


I am very happy to be one of the speakers at this women's empowerment workshop! You are beautiful just the way you are but there is always room to learn more about yourself and add a little diversity to your life. 

When we are authentic to who we truly are and are proud of who we are, things seem to flow & make a lot more sense. It's never too late to be an even better you! Sometimes our life journey takes a few twists & turns that knock us on our butt; but that only means we are meant to be on a much better path. We are supposed to move on.  đź’—sybersue

Are you asking yourself what next? If I am so wonderful, why am I not feeling happy? Perhaps you are pondering where do I want to go in the next twenty years.

Then this workshop is for You!

You will identify:

Who am I?
Who do I want to be?
What barriers am I facing?
What is my plan of action?

The workshops will lead you through the process of reconnecting with yourself while providing information and support so you can implement and integrate action plans. Live life fully and embrace your flawsome!

8 Reasons to Attend:

1. 4 accomplished speakers will share their story to motivate & inspire you on your journey
2. Three different days: Monday or Wednesday 4 week series, Saturday full day
3. Experiential work led by Janyse Hrynkow, MA CCC Psychotherapist
4. Affordable: $199.00 for the 4 week series OR $250.00 for the Saturday
5. Vancouver locations with parking & transit accessible: ROAM Gallery at City Square & Tug Boat Landing on Kent Street
6. Light refreshments included with lunch provided on Saturday
7. Time to meet and mingle with new acquaintances with a similar goal
8. A renewed sense of you and an action plan

Co-Sponsor: ah ha solutions
Co-Sponsor: ah ha solutions

Discover Our Amazing And Accomplished Speakers:

  • Linda Chu, Productivity & Professional Organizer Expert

Focused on working with corporations, entrepreneurs, and individuals, Linda assists clients to clear overflowing piles of information and possessions, streamline processes and procedures, and develop systems to get organized and stay organized.

  • Winnie Furber CCDP. Facilitator – Employment Counselor

Helping people get where they want to be as they move forward through the hardest times of their lives, including job loss, career transition and professional reconnecting to the world of work, Winnie believes life is about thriving not surviving!

  • Tetyana Golota, Mrs. BC Globe, Designer, Director SheTalks

Blessed with the “Best Brain Tumor” Tetyana feels she has been given a second chance and shares a powerful message. Your life may not be perfect, but whatever obstacles you are facing, the joy of living is paramount, so choose it.

  • Janyse Hrynkow MA, Moderator, Psychotherapist

A psychotherapist, trainer and speaker, Janyse works in the corporate and public sector. In private practice, she consults and counsels individual, families, children and groups. She has implemented many seminars and courses dealing with the dynamics of the human experience..

  • Susan McCord, Relationship Talk Show Host & Author

Susan is best known for hosting a relationship talk show for an International audience on YouTube. “The Dear Sybersue Talk Show” with over 1.5 million views. She is a guest blogger and appears on TV including CBC news, TorontoNewsTalk1010, Sexat11 RogersTV Toronto, The Love Channel, Trying to be Good RoundHouse Radio and The Lynda Steele Show CKNW.

  • Melody Ann Owen, Author, Mentor & Educator 

Leveraging all of her education and experience, Melody Ann helps bloggers, entrepreneurs and other professionals to plan, write, produce and market books increasing their success. She started an online directory, blogs and writes books to support better living.

  • Krys Pappius, Co-Active Life Coach

Twenty years in law enforcement, a significant motor vehicle incident in the line of duty jolted Krys awake in her own life. Now retired and a professional co-active life coach, she empowers people undergoing transitions in life and/or career, self-image, and grief.

  • Diane Rolston, Coach and Author

Helping high achieving women go from overwhelmed to clear and confident, Diane coaches women to push past limitations and succeed with their career, business, family, relationships, and personal achievements. Her training and books encourage women to stop being superwomen and be free.

  • Robbin Whachell, Publicist, Writer, Photojournalist

Co-founder and editor of one of The Bahamas’ leading news sites,, Robin is a successful entrepreneur, a pioneer in online marketing, a recognized media personality and a community builder. She is known for her networking, mentoring and social media skills.

  • Marilyn Wilson, Author, Editor, Social Media Marketer

Author of “Life Outside the Box” with more books underway, Marilyn specializes in interviewing and telling people’s stories. Recognized for her passion and dedication to the fashion community, she received the 2017 Vancouver Fashion Week Ambassador Award.

  • Sandra Yuen MacKay, Artist, Author, Public Speaker

A visual artist, Sandra also published “My Schizophrenic Life: The Road to Recovery from Mental Illness” and “Chop Shtick“. She is an advocate and spokesperson on mental health issues and appears in “Psychopia” a short documentary directed by Ali Virk about her journey of recovery.

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

I Married a Mountain Man but I am a City Girl!

Dear Sybersue does something a little out of the box today and talks about her own relationship.

How do you make a partnership work when you both enjoy different activities? Opposites attract but seldom stay together. So can you compromise and make it work as a couple?

Embrace the differences that you both bring to the relationship! Who knows you may try something new and enjoy it!

Susan McCord @ Facebook/dearsybersue
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Sunday, March 19, 2017

How Do I Avoid Running into Ex Boyfriend?

Dear Sybersue answers a viewers question about how to avoid running into her Ex on a regular basis! She is really trying to move on from him but seeing her ex so often makes it very difficult.

It keeps playing with her emotions and brings up unanswered questions that she thought she was getting past. It is like stripping off the band-aid too soon and re-opening the scar! Even at times when she thinks she is really over him and is feeling good about things, seeing him breaks her heart all over again.

What should she do? Has this happened to you?

Please leave your comments to help others get through a difficult break up.

Susan McCord @ facebook/dearsybersue
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