Friday, September 3, 2010

Questions About Online Dating After 35

Are "The Rules" different for people over 35 when it comes to Internet Dating?
No I don’t think they are any different. I think we are less patient as we get older though. I don’t think many people would text each other 15 times before meeting in person like the younger group does. If they even know how to text LOL. It is all about respecting yourself first, at any age. That should be everyone's first rule.

What are the rules?

My rules were:

• “Don’t waste my time if you are not interested in meeting me”
• I’m not online to meet a buddy, I have enough male friends
• I wasn’t into chatting for a month before hooking up with them.
• If someone books a time to meet with you & cancels or stands you up, don’t contact them again. They are showing their true colors and not being respectful of your time. (Of course if they were in the hospital in a body cast that’s another story.)
• Be honest about your age & body type for both sexes. They are going to SEE you!
• Vices like smoking or alcoholism should not be hidden on your profile
• If you are not ready for a relationship STAY off the dating websites...see a counselor

What do you need to be aware of?

• Read between the lines or listen to what they say on the phone.
• If they say they don’t like kids & you are the Octomom, then find someone else.
• Look for signs that they may be in a relationship. Where are they calling you from? A closet or bathroom? Is it always somewhere outside their home? If you have had 5 dates already & have not seen their home, ask the question why?
• Watch how they treat others in your company. Are they rude, flirtatious, a show off, bossy?

How Do You Protect Yourself On An Internet Date & While Online?

• Have a friend close by for the first few dates
• Ask many questions about who they are online & in person
• Google them
• Let friends know where you will be meeting them & give them the phone number & email contact. Let your date know that some people know.
• Do not let them drive you anywhere until you know them better & always meet in a public place no matter how sincere they may sound in an email or phone call.
• Do not dress provocative , be selective in your dating attire. Dress your age too
• If they talk sex too early, stop it from continuing. Don’t lead them on before meeting them.

Is Internet Dating Safe?

Like many things today, safety has become compromised for many people in numerous situations. The key is to always be aware of your surroundings whether it is parking in an underground, putting your groceries in the car when late night shopping, or meeting a potential date.

Alcohol is the biggest problem for many women on a first date. They think it gives them liquid courage but truly it lets their intuitive guard down. This now makes her vulnerable to things she may have usually put a stop to. Her "spidey senses" are now muted & her safety is as well.

It is always best to meet during the day in a busy area for a coffee. You never want to be put in the position where you feel you owe them for something. Dinner & drinks can be a dangerous date!

What Are Your Reasons For Going Online & Does it Work For People Over 35?

I am a huge fan of online dating for the older crowd, especially in Vancouver. There are limited venues for 40 plus in this city, therefore less chance of meeting a potential partner. Single women who have very few friends to go out with, do not want to sit at a bar looking like a cougar or to appear desperate. It is very scary for many newly single women out of a divorce or long term partnership to get back out into the dating market as well.

The only big complaint that I have heard about online dating sites, is that the women say men in their 40’s or 50’s only want women 20 years younger. While that was true a few years ago, it now seems to be changing with the online dating crowd. There are so many more people to choose from than 10 years ago. People were more afraid of it & there were less dating sites to choose from. I love the fact that you can sit in your housecoat & flirt with guys!

The second complaint I hear is that many people say they are computer illiterate and wouldn’t know the first thing about how to set up a profile or how to use the website features. If I could teach a class on how to use a computer to change your life, I would teach it! Being left behind in the technology world will not improve your life with or without a partner. Why not learn everything you can & diversify your life? That’s what makes you attractive to a partner in the long run anyway. You may not need to resort to online dating as you will meet people along these new paths you take.
Susan McCord @ youtube/twobeavers

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