Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dating Discussion ~ What Does the Dating Term "Situationship" Mean?

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Canadian Talk Show Host Susan McCord & her Co-host Vancouver blogger, Andrea Wesley, discuss the new dating term "Situationship!" What does this mean and is it a good thing?

How many dating zones are there these days and how do you know when you are heading into a real relationship with a new person? It more difficult today with all of these online dating options and why are so many people taking advantage of it?

Vancouver singles complain about the mixed signals that happen on a regular basis in the city and have become very frustrated with the dating scene here! The attitude seems to have taken on a shrug of the shoulders approach with a "What do you expect? It's Vancouver!" This is a big part of the problem because these negative comments become repetitive discussions which in turn becomes a negative environment.

As I discuss in my book Dear Sybersue being open and approachable will draw people towards you. A smile and a hello goes a long way and doesn't make you look desperate! The show topic in today's blog "The Situationship" has become a common theme among numerous couples in Vancouver and many other cities in the world. People are afraid of commitment and feel this is the safest way to have somewhat of a relationship without having the dreaded talk about "taking it to the next level."

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