Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dating Advice ~ Are You Constantly "in" Overlapping Relationships?

Published on 22 Dec 2014

Vancouver Dating Advice is a Funny & Informative Dating/Relationship/Lifestyle Advice Talk Show for Men & Women of all Ages! Canadian Talk Show Host Susan McCord & Her Co-host Andrea Wesley discuss the dating topic that many people are guilty of! "Finding a new partner before ending a relationship with someone." Always having a new conquest on the outskirts even though you are supposedly in a committed partnership. Using someone until someone better comes along is not cool. If it's not what you want then be respectful and let them go. Don't keep them blindly hanging on believing there is a future as a couple.

Susan McCord @ http://www.facebook.com/DatingRelationshipTalkShow
Andrea Wesley @ http://www.singlevancouver.wordpress.com

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