Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dating and Relationship Advice ~ Dating in Vancouver Needs...

Canadian talk show host Susan McCord & Co-host Andrea Wesley discuss what many singles in Vancouver talk about: The terrible dating scenario! Why is it so bad & how do we change this reputation? Why do the men condemn the women & the women condemn the men in Vancouver with so much negativity?

It seems to me that if everyone looked at the glass as half full rather than half empty then maybe the dating situation would change. Whether you believe in the "Law of Attraction" or not, wouldn't singles be better off trying to change their pessimistic thinking? It is not uncommon to hear men & women constantly complaining that they never meet anyone in Vancouver, only to complain when they finally do get a date. It's almost like everyone has taken on " I can do much better" approach and no one is good enough for anyone ~ making the atmosphere "out on the town" in Vancouver quite snobby!

The expectations have changed drastically & both men & women have their unrealistic checklists that potential dates need to live up to. There are many wonderful people living in this amazing city and I don't believe for a moment there isn't hope to improve this reputation Vancouver has acquired. We not only have to draw attention to it, we need to "own" that there is an obvious problem in this town. Does it have to take an Olympic Event to get people talking to each other? What a happy & proud place Vancouver was in the 2010 Winter Olympics!

We need to not only start singing "Oh Canada" at Canuck games & other events, we need to be proud of where we live & who lives amongst us. It's not all about dating, it is about connecting in general! If everyone said hello to 5 different people everyday, I can pretty well guarantee a change in attitude would occur in Vancouver. Who cares what car you drive, how much money you have or don't have, how young or old you are. Talk to people you come in contact with during your day~whether you have met them once or not!

The next time you go out with friends for the evening try not to judge anyone around you. You would be surprised how much of the discussion is about other people in the room. (What they are wearing, how much cosmetic surgery they have had, who slept with who, & other general gossip.) Make your own judgment after you talk with someone & don't let others encourage your thinking. Everyone has wonderful traits & something to offer, you don't have to be a perfect 10 to meet someone amazing. Vancouver is a beautiful city that needs to be more open to conversation & saying hello. It's never too late to change, let's make it happen!

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