Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Question From LinedIN associate, Marvin

Is it human nature, natural instinct or something else?

I've heard both men and women rationalize why men cheat on their spouses/significant other because men are hunters and it's difficult to curb their natural instinct to hunt and achieve new conquests (albeit hooking up with someone else). Do you agree or disagree and why?


Hi Marvin,

I agree that men are hunters & that goes back to the cavemen days. Men like to bring home the buffalo, so to speak. Women are not angels in this department anymore & can be just a guilty in the infidelity stats. The real problem with any relationship is not communicating or listening to your partner's needs.

Men can tune out occasionally & women become nags because they don't feel they are being heard. If both men & women take the time to listen to each other, there will be less reason to stray for everyone. There will always some men that hunt continuously whether they are in a happy relationship or not, but they are usually pretty obvious and women should be able to see those red flags a mile away.

Susan McCord

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