Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Breakups Can Change You in a Positive Way!

Breakups Can Change You in a Positive Way! There is always a big reason why they happen. The Universe really is on your side and wants the best for you but sometimes we need a big push to understand this. Quite often we just don't see that we were unhappy in our partnership and when it ends, it is our ego that takes the initial beating.
Every relationship has a purpose in your life and once you learn those lessons it is a smoother transition to the path that you are meant to be on. Hang in there because you will soon be able to reflect that your breakup is a stepping stone to an even better place. Personal Dating or Relationship Questions for Sybersue? Contact me via PayPal option at and Text me at to set up a facetime audio or video appt. within 24 hours. Susan McCord @ Dear Sybersue YouTube - Dear Sybersue Facebook - Blogs & Advice Column @ Dear Sybersue Instagram @

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