Wednesday, October 30, 2019

How Do I know If He Really Likes Me?

Today I answer a very common question that many women continue to want to know! How Do I Know If He Really Likes Me?

There are so many red flags that need to be paid attention to when you are first dating someone. When something is on the right path, there aren't a lot of questions! There isn't BS game playing or negative actions.

Ladies, when you really like someone do you hide your feelings, or do you want your man to know you are interested in him? I'm not saying you should throw yourself at him but letting him know you are enjoying his company and that you would be very open to seeing him again is a good thing.

He should also make you feel the same way. Why do we always want to complicate a simple scenario? You either like each other or you move on!

Please watch the video above to find out how you will know whether he is really into you or not!
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