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Vancouver Singles Spring Event: Matching Guided by Science & Your Sense

What are the two most talked about things between men and women in Vancouver? 
  1. The weather!
  2. How bad it is to date here!
We need to change this thinking because that's not what people in this beautiful city want to talk about. There seems to be a block with human communication in Vancouver but that shouldn't be the case. Yes, we can't do too much about the rain and lack of sunshine but we can do something about how we interact with each other in Vancouver.

Men and women seem to get stuck in an anti-social scenario of the Vancouver dating scene! A good percentage of people are sending out negatively charged vibrations by avoiding eye contact, not smiling or communicating. This is especially true about Vancouver in the winter months.

The sunshine does tend to change that up though! Soon spring will be in the air and Vancouver will be buzzing again!

Despite the sunshine, we should always be thinking great thoughts and showing gratitude for what we do have in our lives to get a lot more of what we want to receive.  Doesn't it make sense to embrace having a positive attitude about love and life rather than focus on what isn't working for us?

Most of us believe in sexual chemistry and the concept that "scent" often known as pheromones play a role in human attraction, so this upcoming spring event (details listed below) may be just the ticket you've been waiting for! 

It is a unique dating format where you will be matched with people that are chemically compatible with you. The matches will be guided by scientific experiments and Vancouver relationship coaches. How cool is that! 

It sure beats going through endless profile photos online and where you will be actually meeting people "face to face" for a change!

I will (Dear Sybersue) be on hand at this event as one of the 3 co-hosts offering dating advice and to answer questions before the matchmaking begins. Check out the details below! 

I am very excited to be a part of this evening and I will look forward to seeing you there! ❤


Your Radar For Romance! Matching guided by science & your sense

 · Hosted by DNA_Romance  and 3 others

  • Thursday, March 21, 2019 at 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

                                             Event Details

We are holding a singles event (ages 23-39) like no other,
our mission is to help you look at partner selection differently—from the perspective of all your senses, not just your eyes.

This event is hosted by and Vancouver's top relationship coaches;

Susan McCord - Dear Sybersue
Nancy Deen - Hello Breakup
Mimi Lauzon - Mimi Lauzon

Your ticket includes a drink, appetizers, coaching, and matchmaking. Bring a friend; it’s always great to attend with a buddy, or feel free to come on your own! This event is for people who are between 23-39 years old.

* please bring a t-shirt worn without fragrance for 1-2 nights, this is required for our "chemistry" test

 While just a component of our event the sweaty T-shirt experiments are the basis for entire events like pheromone parties and even smell dating.

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Schedule · Thursday, March 21, 2019

6:30 PM
Arrive and register your t-shirt, grab a light appetizer and mingle
6:45 PM
Room 1) Women work with The Date Cure: Room 2) Men work with Dear Sybersue
7:00 PM
Room 1) Women rate the scent of the men's t-shirts: Room 2) Men work with Mimi Lauzon
7:15 PM
Room 1) Women work with Mimi Lauzon: Room 2) Men rate the scent of the men's t-shirts
7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
You will be set up on speed-dates guided by our "Relationship Coaches" and the chemistry experiments.

So What is DNA Romance All About?

dragons den group-s1-group-shot
Vancouver, BC -- Local dating app, DNA Romance (, aired on the season premiere of Dragons’ Den on September 28th and has key new developments that the Dragons failed to predict since it recorded the episode on Sept 2017.

[DNA Romance has gained traction as a leader in online dating through DNA matchmaking by bringing forecasts of “chemical attraction” online. Its new developments include the addition of a personality-matching feature, improvements to the user interface and platform features, and most importantly, offering integration with seven more already-existing DNA tests like those from 23andMe and Ancestry DNA.

DNA Romance translates genomics information hidden in your DNA into actionable advice to help your personal dating life but, unfortunately, this advanced technology did not resonate with the Dragons. DNA Romance is still revolutionizing the science of matchmaking with an online dating app that uses genetic testing, personality type, and an advanced algorithm to predict chemical attraction and personality compatibility.

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Customers now have the ability to order a direct-to-consumer DNA test from “DNA Romance” and these can be paid for anonymously using crypto-currency including bitcoin. While the development of the web app has been ongoing, mobile apps are in development and will be coming to an App Store near you.

"Chemical attraction is the natural radar for dating compatibility, but online dating platforms fail to measure this major component in human attraction," says Dr. Timothy Sexton, a co-founder of DNA Romance.

Chemistry is a special, warm, fuzzy feeling that is the basis for sayings like “love is in the air,” and chemistry can only be felt “in person.”There’s been over two decades of research behind the scent of love - chemistry - proving it’s more complicated than pheromones and the coding for “chemical attraction” is in fact, written in your DNA.

Despite all of this, chemistry has been missing from online dating. One of the Dragons, Michelle Romano, questioned how DNA Romance could beat out its competitors which, up until now, have shut down operations.

DNA dating/DNA matchmaking has been tried before, but DNA Romance is the first to build a functional “secure” online DNA matchmaking platform; the so-called competition lacks credibility with no secure connection.

DNA Romance has subsequently bought the domain name a competitor Michelle Romano named specifically for less than $200 USD.

Dr. Sexton and his co-founder and wife, Judith Bosire, have outlasted whatever competition there may have been and proven the Dragons’comment to be wrong by staying relevant and releasing their newest personality feature - below is how it works.
Dr. Sexton and his co-founder and wife Judith Bosire

Based on the furnished data, the app will decipher the crucial elements behind chemistry and compatibility for that particular person, and then present the report to other compatible members in their secure online account.

Essentially, DNA romance translates the understanding from this research into the prediction of chemistry with other singles who are using DNA Romance - and will spare you from endless awkward dates and bad relationships!

DNA Romance’s newest personality-matching feature now works the DNA data component in conjunction with their Myers-Briggs personality type to provide improved predictions of compatibility for a loving relationship.

This innovative approach brings a much-needed advancement to the world of online dating, elevating the search for love beyond personality and appearance to include the biological factors that play a major role in human attraction.

Although the Dragons couldn’t muster the courage to go on an “investment date” with DNA Romance, investors are certainly still on the prowl for a company like DNA Romance. Current Dragon veteran Arlene Dickinson said it best: “DNA Matching is the future.” That was eight months ago; the future is now.

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This video below will show you what to expect at the event!

  Chemisty of Attraction

For more information please contact DNA Romance

Susan McCord @ The Dear Sybersue Talk Show  

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