Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dating Advice: How Honest Should You Be On The First Few Dates?

Many people are far too honest on the first few dates by telling way too much about themselves too early. Leave something for the imagination & get to know someone slowly. Revealing all your secrets or desires too early can scare off a potential partner. Do not ask the questions you don't really want to hear the truth about. Susan McCord @ Andrea Wesley @ @7575047 You are so right about "fear of the unknown" !!!& This is a huge reason people go in with so many questions & rules when first meeting someone. Everyone has been hurt at one point in their life & it is not a nice feeling to have to go through. It is interesting to hear you call being single "a comfort zone" as I always felt that myself. But I also find many people are not comfortable being single & are more at peace with themselves when they are attached. Thx for your wisdom xo~
twobeavers 1 second ago

The fear of the unknown CAN BE STRONG. However, it depends on who you ask.
7575047 8 hours ago
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I think many men & women have super unrealistic agendas in dating. Until they let the agendas go it can be disappointing. I personally am learning 2 do this myself-it's tough but I believe it's the best path. As far as people pulling back, once the other has said "ok, let's go," possibly, there may B an element of now the time for talking is over & it's time 2 move fwd. The fear of having 2 make that decision to leave one's comfort zone of being single is SO STRONG it could make them pull back.
7575047 8 hours ago

IMO, regarding disclosure on a date, I don't believe we have to volunteer a full disclosure of our life & what we want/don't want, etc.. Be honest always but share what's necessary. I just try to keep it flowing, entertaining & engaging all the while showing interest -if I am interested. Be yourself & hopefully they will be too & it will flow & be comfortable. It IS hard to find like minds/souls that approach dating like this but we're out there. It's just a matter of getting us together. :)
7575047 9 hours ago

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