Monday, December 6, 2010

When Is The Right Time To Say I Love You?

Do people throw the "L Word" around too easily? Has someone said it to you in the first two weeks of dating them? Or are you the one who says it way too often? Are they settling & saying it too soon, because they are afraid to be alone?~ What are the signs that you are in love?


Most people just want to be loved in their lives but it is not a simple thing to obtain. We spend a large amount of time looking for love in the wrong places, only to wake up at 30/ 35 with a biological clock ticking like “Big Ben.” Men also feel the pressure to have children these days; it is not just about women’s eggs doing back flips to be fertilized anymore. This type of pressure can make both sexes settle with a partner that may not be the love of their life, but someone whom they are fairly compatible with for the most part.

We read about seniors that found love quickly after they lost a spouse but now it is happening at a much earlier stage of life. Is it “love” or just afraid of being alone and willing to really like someone? Companionship is what many couples end up with in the end anyway. (Let’s face it passion is probably not head banging sex in your 70’s.) Have we all become too busy to give attention to a loving relationship & wake up too late down the road? All of a sudden we are frantic and running out of time to find our partner.

How do we know if we are settling, or someone is settling with us?

How To Tell If “The L word” Is Being Taken Advantage Of, Or Meant With Sincerity:

• They tell you they love you in the first 2 weeks
• Their parents are already aware of you & setting the table for a family dinner
• You celebrate your first month Anniversary
• They start managing your life right away & plan things months in advance
• They only say I love you in the orgasmic moment or when drinking too much
• You have met all their friends by the 3rd date.
• They have bought you monogrammed towel sets
• They gave you a house key immediately!

We are all as much to blame sometimes, for the lustful attraction that make us believe it is truly love we feel. It is an easy trap to fall into especially if it has been awhile for these powerful feeling to enter our hearts. There is nothing in the world like “new love,” we just have to make sure that is what it is. Jumping in too fast to any relationship is setting yourself up for a fall. Taking the time to get to know someone lets you stand back & watch each other from a realistic distance. Courting each other slowly keeps the relationship progressing at a natural pace. You are still living your life but also making room for them. It isn’t ALL about them. That is the difference to finding true love; they are the frosting on your cake, an addition that fits in as partner for a possible long term commitment. Jumping in to fast inevitably ends exactly the same way. Savor each new moment & let the flavor release slowly ~ Enjoy them...

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