Friday, June 24, 2011

What's your Fantasy?

Most of us have a sexual fantasy of some sort whether we admit it or not. Sometimes all it is, is role playing or dressing up in something you perceive as sexual. It could be little red riding hood, the big bad wolf or the Playboy Bunny or Policeman. Whatever it is, add a little spice to your sex life by implementing it in the bedroom.

Here are a few of the comments from men on Youtube

ok we all for got the cowgirl! or the indian:-)- cause who dont like to be tied up! well susan i liked the librarian outfit it is a classy sexy. reveals but not coming on strong. its like a victoria's secret catalog v.s. hustler. v.s. will win every time, cause by covering up it is more intreaging and teasing

@joegit1972 I like that ~Good to know! xo

Thigh high boots, by far my biggest turn on.

@666mathew I have to admit even as a woman I find them sexy too! ~Thanks for your input~

Ok, I agree . I like both.. I want sometimes subtle sometimes in your face sexual...As for he costumes you wore. I would say Maid, but the outfit was completely wrong not how i like it at all. My favorites are, schoolgirl, maid, nurse, hooker, Cheerleader, and Nun .....

@MasterTiarnan I know that maid outfit is not very sexy but I used it for another video a few years ago. There is far better French Maid attire out there but man they are expensive! It's not cheap having too many of these fantasy outfits lol. thx for writing

Yeah. Not a good idea to start off all sexual for me. Its actually a turn off for me. I cant stand looking at porn mags with girls in sexual positions. Its not what I like in a woman. I need something more subtle. But in the end, sometimes I do get my moods where I like the in your face sexy. but overall, column A and B is overall really cool.

But for personal taste... Try a super heroine costume that isn't as skimpy. I like to let my imagination run.

White pearls, frills, lace, french tips, etc. on a girl are cues that convey SEMEN spilled and in some way press the hard-wired button guys that communicates this girl is receptive to and wants that on her. It seems like an instinctual cue that facilitates/urges ejaculation IMO.

@7575047 Holy shit you should write for me LOL

I think that with the french maid/schoolgirl outfit there is a subliminal invitation with the "easy access" and submissive/female cues of the skirt and its' flow against the legs and most importantly-the thighs. Combine this with heels that push the calves and butt upwards and it's like a large virtual physical finger motioning in an inviting "come hither' fashion to penetrate and dominate. That is what goes on in the hard-wired instinctual/instant arousal button for guys IMO.

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