Sunday, August 22, 2010

Discussing Sexual Preferences With Your Partner

Many women ask me the same question about sex. They want to know how to tell their partner that they are not being fulfilled sexually. It is an extremely sensitive subject for both parties and is better discussed in the initial stages of your relationship. Once you have been sleeping with them for a few months, it may now viewed as a criticism instead of positive feedback.

I have always talked openly in the dating stages before any intimacy took place. It is a conversation that must take place outside of the bedroom and preferably sober. Start by telling them the simple things you enjoy. Kissing, gentle massages & erogenous areas that arouse you. When you feel more comfortable you can bring in the heavier subjects like oral sex or positions you like or will not ever do. It is very important to be open with your partner. There is no room for shyness if you want an honest & loving sex-life. So many women are afraid to share their feelings for fear of making their man feel inadequate. By using diplomacy and talking about it early in the relationship, you will alleviate many of these fears.

Men really enjoy a woman who can tell them what she wants in bed. It makes them happy that they can please her. We are all different in what turns us on & men are not mind readers. They need a little help once in awhile. Oral sex is usually one of the hardest subjects for both sexes to talk about. It is a great part of love making but not everyone views it that way. Some people have been brought up to think it is a part of sex not open for discussion. Find out early if this is the case because it can cause huge relationship problems down the road when it is not reciprocated. It is a part of life and a huge part of the sexual act for most people. Couples need to be on board with each other and respect each others boundaries. That is what dating is all about, getting to know each other. The more you converse with your partner, the more you will know the real person you are dating.

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