Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How I started my own Talk Show

As one of five children, I grew up in Vancouver Canada and have lived here for most of my life with the exception of living in Dallas, Texas for one year. (My son was born there) I was a single mom for 18 years while I worked as a flight attendant for a Canadian Airline. I recently left my job after 20 years, to pursue my passion in Broadcasting/Radio/TV.

After many attempts to get into the radio market in Vancouver from 2002-2005, I put it on hold and ventured into writing and producing my own show on the Internet. I attended BCIT in Burnaby, B.C. for studies in Broadcasting part time while flying around the world as a flight attendant and raising my son. I purchased a $10 microphone and started out of my apartment practicing taped audio shows. My first show in 2005, was called Leave It Two Beavers and was recorded and produced at Fiasco Bros Studios.

We archived all our audio shows for the first 2 years and then decided to add Video & Blog content to each show as well. My partner Sandra came along after my first Co-host Brianne, decided to pursue another career. Sandra was a regular at the Fiasco Bros. Studio and was there learning the engineering side of Studio Production. Sandra and I hit it off and were partners for the past four years until recently when she left to pursue her photography career and Co-Host an online Indie Music Show.

After researching marketing feedback, I decided to change the show name to http://www.beavertalk.com to simplify accessibility to the website. I joined YouTube just over two years ago and now have over 140 videos uploaded. My beavertalk website is more extensive with video clips & blogs of each show segment I produce. The content is based on Dating/Relationships/Interviews & Lifestyle Advice. I use a humorous no-nonsense approach with all the show content. I am a mature woman with young attitude! I make you think. The best part of all is, this show is gender friendly and the whole concept is to make men and women appreciate each other and embrace their differences. I also write regularly for examiner.com http://www.ezine.com and have also implemented a new ADVICE column on beavertalk.

This Blog Page: Vancouver Dating Advice is solely for the purpose of giving advice to viewers questions that I regularly receive. Andrea Wesley, whom I met on Examiner.com will be Co- hosting many of the videos we will be uploading. She is the younger version of this "Advice" segment. Together we will answer questions from men & women on numerous subjects. We are not clinical or shy and our own life experience & mistakes will keep adding refreshing content & REAL advice from two different generations.

My audience has grown dramatically in the last year and I am well on my way to bolder achievements. “The Ex-housewives of Vancouver” is a new web series I created, where I interview divorced women from Vancouver about their unique & inspiring stories. I have never given up on my belief in this Talk Show Project, despite the difficulty of having doors open for me in the Canadian Broadcasting Market. Maybe one day soon I can thank them for closing those doors that pushed me in this direction, as the path I have since chosen may definitely be the best road traveled.

Susan McCord

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